I was born in Bangkok Thailand, and have lived in Indonesia, Germany, Virginia, Illinois, Missouri, Arizona and Chicago. If you want to lump in college, then add Ohio to the list. While I didn’t mind moving, I love where I am now–the great state of New Hampshire.

I’ve worked in politics–many sides, including political party work, working for a state senator, and lobbying. I’ve also worked at one of the biggest PR firms in the country (probably the world, they are global), and I’ve also done a stint in retail, working in customer service at a well-known furniture and lifestyle store.

I work at an online media analysis and monitoring firm, and the words, thoughts, etc. expressed here are purely my own. Clearly, both my current and former employers should be held harmless from any goofy or bone-headed things I might say here. This is where I practice my writing, and get any mini-rants about people talking on the phone while driving or leaving their shopping carts in the middle of the parking lot instead of taking them 20 feet to the cart corral off of my chest so I can be pleasant and fun to be around.

I will also blog about my dog and my cat. You have been warned.


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