Why I don’t blog very often.

Yes, I admit it. I neglect this blog, big time. But in my defense:

  1. I spend pretty much all day, every work day, reading blogs, writing blog posts for my employer’s blog, editing blog posts for our online news magazine, and so on. I’m fairly well tapped out on the creative front by the time I get home, and usually the last thing I want to do is spend more time in front of a computer. So, I…
  2. Read! I love to read, and I devour books. I’m in a book club, so there’s always the book club book to read, plus anything else that is appealing to me. I spend a lot of time reading, mostly fiction, but some non-fiction and cookbooks thrown in there too.
  3. I also love to cook and bake. It’s fun and relaxing for me, and coming up with new recipes is a challenge. Plus, I always like to see if there’s something I can do at home instead of purchasing it at the store–I don’t think we’ve purchased bread in this house regularly since last summer.
  4. I’ve written a bit about Ralph–he’s a great dog, and I adore him. He is getting older–what we thought several months ago was degenerative myelopathy turned out to be two ruptured discs in his back, plus some degenerating cells in his brain. April was a full month for poor Ralph–first, MRIs and x-rays at the very awesome Tufts Cummings Foster Hospital for Small Animals, then “bed rest” for a dog that is still pretty active. He’s doing better, but honestly, I would rather spend time with him than blog.

So, a few reasons why I don’t post very often. But, I am going to try and be better, as I think the discipline of writing on a consistent basis is good for me. I have no plans for any true theme for this blog. There are way too many foodie blogs out there already. So for the time being, it’s just going to be me rambling when I have a thought. Or two.

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